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The guzheng (古箏) has existed since the Warring States Period and became especially popular during the Qin dynasty. The ancient guzheng had 12 strings, which gradually evolved into it current forms.

Until 1961, the common guzheng had 18 strings. In 1961 Xu Zhengao together with Wang Xunzhi introduced the first 21-string guzheng after two years of research and development. In 1961, they also invented the "S-shaped" left string rest, which was quickly adopted by all guzheng makers and is still used today, whether in the shape of the letter "S", "C", etc. The 21-string zheng is the most commonly used, but some traditional musicians still use the 16-string, especially along the southeastern coastal provinces of China and in Taiwan.

The guzheng is tuned to a pentatonic scale, the 16-string zheng is tuned to give three complete octaves, while the 21-string zheng has four complete octaves.

There are many techniques used in the playing of the guzheng, including basic plucking actions (right and left hand) at the right portion and pressing actions at the left portion (left hand) as well as tremolo (right hand). Plucking is done mainly by the right hand with four plectra (picks) attached to the fingers. Advanced players may use picks attached to the fingers of both hands. Ancient picks were made of ivory and later also from tortoise shell.

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The sound of the guzheng can express a cascading waterfall, thunder and even the scenic countryside. The guzheng's pentatonic scale ranges to Do, Re, Mi, So and La, but Fa and Ti can also be produced by pressing the strings to the left of the bridges. Famous pieces from the instrument's classical repertoire, extant since the Tang dynasty, including Yu Zhou Chang Wan (Singing at night on fishing boat), Gao Shan Liu Shui (High mountains flowing water) and Han Gong Qiu Yue (Han palace autumn moon).

Music Name Description Infomation Hits  
Chu Shui Lian
出 水 蓮
Lotus Above Water mp3
 - 5.15MB
 - 0:05:29
510 download and play
Bu Bu Gao
步 步 高
Higher Step By Step mp3
 - 1.36MB
 - 0:02:53
541 download and play
Guang Ling San
廣 陵 散
Ancient music - Guang Ling Verse mp3
 - 7.89MB
 - 0:11:13
585 download and play
Gu Su Feng Guang
姑 蘇 風 光
Scenery of beautiful city - Gu Su mp3
 - 1.40MB
 - 0:02:59
462 download and play
Han Gong Qiu Yue
漢 宮 秋 月
The Autumn Moon over the Han Palace mp3
 - 4.37MB
 - 0:04:39
609 download and play
Han Jiang Yun
漢 江 韻
The music for Han Jiang mp3
 - 4.55MB
 - 0:04:50
590 download and play
Han Ya Xi Shui
寒 鴉 戲 水
Ke Jia Music - Grows playing in the water mp3
 - 5.69MB
 - 0:06:03
495 download and play
Hua Die
化 蝶
Lover Liang and Zhu transform into butterflies after they sacrificed for love mp3
 - 2.87MB
 - 0:03:30
495 download and play
Jiao Chuang Ye Yu
蕉 窗 夜 雨
Rainy night on banana panel mp3
 - 7.00MB
 - 0:09:56
538 download and play
Meng Jiang Nan
夢 江 南
Dream of Jiang Nan mp3
 - 3.27MB
 - 0:03:28
558 download and play
Xue Shan Chun Xiao
雪 山 春 曉
Spring dawn on snowy mountain mp3
 - 2.18MB
 - 0:04:38
571 download and play
Yai Shan Ai
崖 山 哀
Yai Mountain sorrowful story mp3
 - 4.51MB
 - 0:04:48
549 download and play
Yu Zhou Chang Wan
渔 舟 唱 晚
Evening Song of the Fishermen mp3
 - 4.02MB
 - 0:04:17
527 download and play